Alright; Let’s Get Going

Ok so you both have decided on the perfect card for your wedding invitation, now it’s on to the harder stuff.

Now the real planning begings :)

My Favorite

In my professional wedding planning opinion, I believe the obvious most important and first thing that should be thought of is exactly where you want to hold the wedding at!

Now I know that I am generally younger than most other wedding planners I have met and call me old fashioned but this is my idea of a perfect wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, I have worked in countless beautiful cathedrals or halls that can be absolutely breathtaking and elegant, but the idea of a sun set on a beach as the background of my wedding picture is more romantic than any man made venue could be.

There are Risks to Consider

This is completely a matter of personal opinion of course and many people would much rather hold their wedding in a church or hall instead of outdoors which is definitely a safer route to take in regards to weather.

I hate to even bring it up and to put it in your head, but I have definitely worked for a handful of clients where their special day landed on a day with 100% chance of rain and storms. Seeing this over the years has definitely made me reconsider my choice of having my wedding outdoors a couple of times and strongly advice people to consider this risk,

I’ll get into my special day soon so check back to hear about !

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