My Special Day!

If you caught my post yesterday about picking out a venue for your wedding (don’t worry you can still read it here!, I figured I would start talking about my actual wedding so maybe you can get a better idea of my personal preferences when it comes to weddings.

My Dream Place

So my husband and I knew we wanted to have a destination wedding and had it narrowed down to a few pretty quickly and slowly but surely decided on The Dominican Republic for our dream day. We held it at an all resort hotel and actually kept our invitation list relatively low.

I have mixed feelings about holding your wedding where plane tickets are required to get there. In a way, a part of me feels almost guilty doing so because let’s face it, most people aren’t exactly thrilled to be going to a wedding at all let alone having to pay for plane tickets and a hotel.

The other side of me won in our decision obviously and the thing that I kept telling myself is that this is our special day and I want it to be absolutely perfect. We held a separate reception at home where we invited a lot more people so they still got to support us if they liked and it worked out perfectly for us.

The actual wedding though, was the greatest day of my life. I will save more of the actual day tomorrow though so don’t miss it!

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