Dreams Resort

I really try to encourage my clients to think long and hard about where they want their wedding to be. There is a lot of factors to consider and if everything doesn’t go 100% according to plan, the whole wedding day could be potentially ruined.

I briefly touched on the risks in having an outdoor wedding venue and that my husband and I decided to take our chances and had an absolute dream wedding in The Dominican Republic and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting.

The Resort

The resort was called Dreams and everything about it was perfect. It was an all inclusive so you never had to leave the place at all and all foods and drinks were including in the package. We had an extremely large pool area with a swim up bar and a separate entire beach area, filled with enough lounge chairs for everyone and anyone.

The Ceremony

The actual ceremony and where we read our vows was the only thing that felt a little guilty about having to put people through. It was held in the middle of the resort basically and completely open with zero shade from the sun. Although it wasn’t raining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was around 93 degrees however and for all the guys (especially the ones actually in the wedding) this made the short (roughly 10-15 minutes) ceremony excruciatingly hot and uncomfortable.

We kept the ceremony short specifically for this reason and neither my husband or I are religious at all so we didn’t have much to cover other than a coupe short vows and the “I Dos!”

I’ll get into the reception next :)

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