It’s the Little Things

Alright so remember the friend I had before who had to call for a little bee problem she had and had to call these guys before her wedding?

Well, while it is obvious to take care of any problems like bees potentially stinging your guests during your ceremony, little touches can make or break a wedding and I thought I’d share a few that I thought really helped make our wedding special.

Think out of the Box

If you read any of my earlier posts on my wedding, you remember that my husband and I left out selfie stick on every table and encouraged people to go crazy with them. It has always been a common thing to leave disposable cameras on the tables of weddings but that is kind of getting to the point of being outdated and a selfie stick is something fun that we obviously let our guests take home which can go a long way.

You wouldn’t believe how many people took the time to let us know how great of an idea these selfie sticks were and how much fun they had with them. We saw kids as young as 7 and adults as old as 70 with these selfie sticks just having the time of their lives with them and it was something that we haven’t seen done before.

There’s obviously more I could talk about that I’ll get into next time :)

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