Another One for the Destinations

So after hearing all about my wedding, you probably can’t help yourself but want to try and do the same thing for your future special day, right? :) Well, one of my best friends from college wanted to and had her wedding a couple years ago and for a select few of her guests, turned into an absolute nightmare.

This isn’t actually her and she would kill me if she saw this; so we will her Jasmine :)

If You Can’t Afford it; Don’t Do It

Jasmine was just like every girl and wanted everything to be extravagant. Unfortunately for Jasmine, her husband is what one would refer to as a “starving artist” and is pursuing his dream in music.

I respect free spirited people but being realistic, they don’t make that much money. Well, this was not going to be an issue for Jasmine and she still wanted her dream destination wedding on the beach in Florida. The ceremony was beautiful and the wedding was actually one of the more fun ones that I have been to, but the hotel that they chose to have everyone stay at ended up being a nightmare.

Let me preface this story by saying that this is not the same friend that had the issue with bees from one of my earlier posts and I don’t know what it is about bugs and my friends, but they seem to have a knack for picking the places with the worst of them.

The hotel that we were staying at couldn’t have been more than 50 or 60 bucks a night, on the beach in Florida. Yeah, I think you can do the math on that one. We didn’t think much of it and her reasoning was no one was going to be spending that much time in the rooms anyway so why go crazy? Well, 2 couples from the hotel might argue the not going crazy part because a week later, I got the frantic phone calls that they had found bed bugs. Needless to say, they were freaking out and both immediately called the first company they found at to handle the situation. Neither of the couples had any idea how to kill bed bugs and from the little research they did, it is near impossible. Unfortunately for Jasmine and her guests, checking for termites and bed bugs were obviously not something the hotel they chose practice regularly and it was only right to tell everyone who was at the wedding about the problem to warn them.

Luckily only those 2 couples found them but it is impossible for anyone to think about that wedding and not think about bed bugs. I feel horrible for Jasmine but something like that just goes to show how important it is to plan your wedding within your means. A wedding in the middle of the country with a clean beds would have been the wiser choice :)

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