Less Conventional

I started to feel a little bit guilty after reading my last post on my friend’s wedding disaster and want to clear it up a little bit. I really hope I didn’t sound like I was talking down to anyone who might not be able to afford a beautiful destination wedding like mine and I cannot stress that enough. I also don’t want to come off like I am super rich or anything like that.

I am a wedding planner, remember? I have been saving up for my special day since I got my first job working in a local grocery store as a bagger :) Not everyone has the means to go all out for a wedding and not everyone has been thinking about their wedding day for pretty much their entire lives so I really apologize if that last post sounded arrogant in any way.

The Less Conventional the Better!

So keeping that in mind, I have had more and more clients coming to me with less conventional ideas for their wedding and I think they really are starting to take over classic styles of weddings. Which I think is great!

I am seeing more concepts along the lines of the picture above and I am all for it. No one wants to go to a boring wedding and making it unique not only lightens up the mood of the entire wedding, it makes sure to give all of your guests a unique experience that they certainly won’t forget!

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