Anything I Would Change?

Now that I have covered pretty much all of my wedding and you know to have everyone in the back of your head when you are planning your wedding and food I figured I would do a little overview of my whole wedding and ask myself if there is anything I really wish I would have done differently.

This is going to sound boring and cocky but in all honesty, and considering the fact that I do this for a living, there really isn’t anything I wish I would have done differently about my wedding. We got nothing but honest and positive¬†feedback from people, all praising us about what we did and how everything turned out. The selfie sticks were a huge hit :)

If I Had to Pick Something

I don’t want to leave this post at that so if I had to pick one thing I would change about my wedding, I guess I would have to say that I would have planned out the actual ceremony a little bit differently. Click this link if you’re not sure exactly what part is the ceremony.

Even though the scenery and resort in the Dominican Republic were absolutely beautiful, the sun really was pounding down on all of our guests and we didn’t have any shade set up where people were sitting.

I know everyone, and particularly the guys, was drenched in sweat and were probably pretty miserable as it was going on but this is why we made sure the actual ceremony was short and sweet :)

Everything was perfect and this is just me being a stickler and feeling the need to write something.

I’ll talk about a horror story wedding that my friend had next :)