Alright; Let’s Get Going

Ok so you both have decided on the perfect card for your wedding invitation, now it’s on to the harder stuff.

Now the real planning begings :)

My Favorite

In my professional wedding planning opinion, I believe the obvious most important and first thing that should be thought of is exactly where you want to hold the wedding at!

Now I know that I am generally younger than most other wedding planners I have met and call me old fashioned but this is my idea of a perfect wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, I have worked in countless beautiful cathedrals or halls that can be absolutely breathtaking and elegant, but the idea of a sun set on a beach as the background of my wedding picture is more romantic than any man made venue could be.

There are Risks to Consider

This is completely a matter of personal opinion of course and many people would much rather hold their wedding in a church or hall instead of outdoors which is definitely a safer route to take in regards to weather.

I hate to even bring it up and to put it in your head, but I have definitely worked for a handful of clients where their special day landed on a day with 100% chance of rain and storms. Seeing this over the years has definitely made me reconsider my choice of having my wedding outdoors a couple of times and strongly advice people to consider this risk,

I’ll get into my special day soon so check back to hear about !

Where to Begin

So I get a lot of clients who take me on board and they really don’t even know where to begin. What are the first steps in planning a wedding? This is supposed to be one of the most memorable and beautiful days of your life and taking on the task of planning a wedding can be a very daunting one. One of the first actual steps in taking, after you plan everything out of course, is the wedding invitations!

Simple Is Best

For the most part, most of my female clients want an extravagant invitation thinking that the more beautiful and filled it looks the more exciting and professional the wedding will have to be, right?

Well, although I do like a fun filled and colorful wedding invitation I have found that clients who go with a simple but elegant design end up being the most satisfied with the result of it. I think wedding invitations are kind of like wedding cakes (see here if you missed my last post) in that the bigger and crazier it is doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Think about someones house where the walls are covered in pictures and there are just too many colors everywhere so the room doesn’t really have any set theme. Well I definitely have some friends who are guilty of this :)

This is the same for wedding cards. Sometimes simple is best.

Thanks for reading more of my page :)

Who Doesn’t Love Cake?

Who would ever disagree with fact that a beautiful wedding cake is one of the most exciting and important aspects of any wedding. Who doesn’t love cake? Even the guys love cake and can find something to relate to on this one. Over the years I have seen and gotten to try hundreds of different cakes and honestly, there hasn’t been any that I can distinctly remember not falling in love with. I don’t know what it is about a wedding cake that makes it so amazing, but I think I could live off of them.


Oh my gosh my mouth is watering just from looking at pictures :)

I Don’t Know What it Is

So as a wedding planner, I have seen a lot of cakes over the years and I have talked to too many bakers and baking companies to count. Along the way I have also gotten to try literally hundreds of different wedding cakes. I have found they really aren’t made any differently from any other cake, but I think how beautifully they are presented and the environment you eat them in is what helps make them so delicious.

A wedding cake that compliments the decor of the venue can make the wedding complete while one that is cheaply made or nothing special about it can easily bring the mood down. Plus, a beautiful cake always makes the bride happy, which makes the groom happy :)

Check back for more about weddings!

Hello Newlyweds!


Hello everyone and I am excited to be welcoming you to a place where I can talk even more about one of my favorite passions in life, weddings!

Image result for weddings

I have always dreamed about what my special day would be like ever since I was a little girl (sorry boys, but we can’t help it!). So of course it was only natural that I become what has always been my dream job. Can you guess what it is?

A wedding planner of course!

Wasn’t Easy

Before I actually got my wedding planner certification, I had a sort of fantasy already laid out in my head for exactly what this job was going to be like and how incredible my life would be.

I daydreamed about couples with unlimited income to spend on their wedding and them praising me and accepting every amazing idea I presented to them.

As much as I enjoy my job, it wasn’t quite this fantasy that I had dreamed about for so many years. The first couple months of my new career I didn’t think I was going to make it. Things were stressful, landing clients seemed impossible, and satisfying people’s wants with budgets that couldn’t cover half of what they were asking was becoming an almost every day thing.

Now that I have become more established in the industry and have had years of experience, I love my job and can’t get enough of weddings even outside of work!

I am going to use this page as a place that I can just free write either stories or ideas that I have in an attempt to point any of you potential newly weds in the right direction. Stick around to see if anything catches your attention without having to pay a dime!